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August-2015-cover.-The-Field-168x220You should buy The Field this month – you really should (and you should buy Birdwatch every month, of course).

I found ‘Bransdale’s resurgence‘ an interesting read, partly because Henry and I had visited some of the places mentioned in this article on our travels.

Bransdale is a moor in the North York Moors – Henry and I visited the North York Moors back in May.



Henry visits the North York Moors
Henry visits the North York Moors

…and we went to Bransdale too, which is also known as the Nawton Tower Estate.

Here it is…

Tues 30 June 2015  Copy

… and here is what the guys at the Raptor Persecution Scotland blog had to say about it.

Not far from Bransdale, is Snilesworth Moor, which has been managed by what The Field call the ‘Crack grouse-moor agent’ Mark Osborne.

Here Henry found the way to Snilesworth

Tuesday 28 April Copy

…and here he is standing in a Snilesworth grouse butt (which is a bit of wood from B&Q by the look of it)…

Thursday 30 April  Copy

The Field tells me that ‘a new, hungrier breed of grousekeeper was emerging from the Angus Glens and beyond’, some of whom came down to Yorkshire.  Henry has been to the Angus Glens too. Here he is at Millden…

Thurs 23 July  Copy

The Field says that these keepers from the Angus Glens are ‘young men with unfamiliar accents and ruthless dedication’.

The guys at Raptor Persecution Scotland seem to have been keeping an eye on goings on in the Angus Glens, and that part of eastern Scotland, dominated by grouse moors, doesn’t seem to have been a great place for birds of prey over the years. We gather that Mark Osborne was once active in the Angus Glens too.

Mr Osborne was brought in to have a look at Bransdale, if I understand The Field article correctly (it could do with being a bit clearer in places but at least this one doesn’t mention the GTCW once), and brought in a headkeeper who had worked for him at Knarsdale. The Field states that the headkeeper was one of a new, larger team of keepers brought in to manage Bransdale.  I assume that is the Knarsdale that is close to Geltsdale where Henry also visited soon after a male Hen Harrier had ‘disappeared’ from a nest on the RSPB nature reserve there…

Tues 9 June Copy

The Guardian once pointed out that Mark Osborne was also once associated with another of Henry’s stopping places, Leadhills in Lanarkshire although we believe that Mr Osborne moved on from there many, many years ago.

Thurs 11th June Copy

Leadhills is an interesting site as well.

Well, Henry finds it all very interesting.  It’s really interesting to piece together bits of the jigsaw and The Field is very kind to its readers to supply so much useful and fascinating information.

Ban driven grouse shooting – please sign up here.












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7 Replies to “In your August copy of …(3)”

  1. I have a very different description of Mark Osborne, as have many conservationists and raptor enthusiasts, which I'm sure Mark would have to redact, suffice it to say that moors he has or still manages seem to be particularly [one word edited out here by Mark] of birds of prey and mountain hares.

  2. How can anyone think that their life has been well spent by reducing a piece of wildland into an industrial unit for the production of glorified clay pigeons, so that punters who have more money than brain cells can enjoy blasting as many as possible out of the sky? How can anyone take 'professional' pride in being part of that system, wouldn't it be better to take people out to see wildlife properly, not it lying in a bleeding heap of lead shot and broken feathers? Grouse moors a waste of life on so many levels.

    1. Very well put, Les.

      it's enough to make one despair.

      However: let's end driven grouse shooting once and for all. That would be a good start.

  3. Would that be the same Mr Osbourne (sic) who was ********************* after ******************** and then tried to **********************?


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