BBC Wildlife magazine’s Book of the Month

getimage-3Thank you to BBC Wildlife magazine for making Inglorious your Book of the Month and thank you to Charlie Elder for a very kind review.

I liked ‘expansive in scope yet forensic in detail‘ and also, of course ‘clearly reasoned and well-written‘.

I do believe that the idea of a ban on driven grouse shooting is a ‘powerful message and one that is increasingly capturing the public’s imagination‘.

Check out the book here and sign the e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting here (please).





7 Replies to “BBC Wildlife magazine’s Book of the Month”

  1. Right now it’s #1 on Amazon’s “Target Shooting” category. Ironic eh?
    Well done Mark.

  2. Acquired over the weekend from partner who runs a bookshop and already read. A very very good bringing together of all the arguments against driven grouse shooting in a very readable style. We should all be reading it, getting others to read it and use all those arguments to promote an unassailable case for change.
    Well done Mark although I found 2 factual errors Bowland Betty was found in the middle not the edge of a grouse moor and Hen Harriers first recolonised North yorkshire in the late sixties according to Mathers birds of the Harrogate District ( probably in 68.

  3. Inglorious is an apt title….. but “Fifty shades of Grouse” might have more marketing potential!


  4. Been mentioned before, but as well as having your own copy, good to ask your local library service to stock Inglorious too. The number of reviews it gets and the fact it was chosen as BBC Wildlife magazine’s book of the month means it really should be stocked by every library service in the country, and near grouse moors in every single library! Should help sales a wee bit and make it available to those not quite prepared to buy it. There must be a growing number of people not familiar with any side of this argument starting to realise something is going on, access to a library copy could well make a few really dedicated converts – it’s obviously very well researched, written and convincing.

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