Henry amongst friends and heading to Hen Harrier Day

Mon 3 Aug Copy

Henry and I visited the RSPB at The Lodge – and gathered quite a crowd!

As well as Bob the Squirrel there is the RSPB Conservation Director, Martin Harper, in the photograph and quite a few friends of mine and of Henry’s.

The RSPB feature so many times in Inglorious that I’m not going to list them. Just think though; Skydancer project, Investigations team, Langholm project, Peak Malpractice reports, EU complaint, call for licensing of grouse moors, Bowland Betty and Hen Harrier sub-group.


#HaveYouSeen Henry?

Hen Harrier Day is this coming Sunday. The weather forecast for the goyt Valley, where I will be with Henry, is ‘showers’ – ooh err!

Keep in touch with Hen Harrier Day events through this website.

Ban driven grouse shooting – please sign up here.


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