We’re not really the complaining type, but…

Many of us have had replies from the Independent Press Standards Organsiation along the following lines, after complaining about the Telegraph article, or regurgitated YFTB erroneous press release, of the week before last (see here and here):


We have conducted an assessment of your complaint against The Daily Telegraph and have decided that this falls within our remit and discloses a possible breach of the Editors’ Code of Practice. I should however emphasise that we have not reached any decision as to whether the Code has in fact been breached – any decision in this regard would be made by the Complaints Committee.

In line with IPSO’s complaints procedure, we have therefore sent a copy of your complaint to the publication. This is to provide it with the opportunity swiftly to resolve the matter to your satisfaction, directly, if possible. You should expect the publication to contact you in due course in response to your complaint. If the publication is able to satisfactorily address your concerns, and you consider that the matter has been concluded, please contact us within 14 days, to notify us of the outcome.

If the matter cannot be resolved to your satisfaction, IPSO is able formally to consider your complaint after the publication’s internal complaints process has been exhausted or, at the latest, 28 days from the date of this letter, unless we determine that our earlier involvement is essential. The publication may also request IPSO to begin its investigation of the complaint sooner.’



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  1. Well, at least they’ve not rejected the case out of hand as I thought that they would. I wonder how many they got and how long we may have to wait for a response …..

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