Dear Minister

Rory Stewart
Rory Stewart

Dear Mr Stewart


I just wondered how you are getting on with a couple of things.

The e-petition calling on you to ban driven grouse shooting passed 10,000 signatures 23 days ago which triggered the need for a government response. By the way, it only took 15 days to get to 10,000 signatures. I’m not in a great rush for a response but it can’t be very difficult to cobble together some unconvincing narrative about how seriously the government takes wildlife crime and how you are straining every sinew to tackle this issue. Or are you going to give us a proper and well-thought out response this time?

By the way (again) do ministers sign off these responses? Are you signing off this one since it falls in your area of responsibility?  Will you feel responsible for the response?

Second, I wonder how you are getting on reading my book, Inglorious, which I sent you a few weeks ago? It should help you and civil servants write a half-decent response to the e-petition as it gives you a lot of relevant information and analysis of the arguments.

And, by the way (yet again), now 88 of your constituents have signed my e-petition – your constituents are still up there amongst the keenest in the country to see this unsustainable activity banned so they’ll be interested in your response too.

I look forward to hearing from you one way or the other




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2 Replies to “Dear Minister”

  1. Very well said, Mark as are all your comments on this issue.

    In Sweden there is absolutely no problem with Willow Grouse co-existing with Hen Harrier.

    The invention of Henry (and his antics) was a strohe of genius!


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