IPSO facto

IPSO are investigating our complaint against the Daily Telegraph and have selected my complaint as the ‘lead complaint’ they tell me:

I write regarding your complaint against The Daily Telegraph.

As you may be aware, the newspaper received a number of complaints about this article. In these circumstances, we will select a lead complaint for the purposes of conducting an investigation. We have selected your complaint for that purpose, and have now written to the publication to inform it that we have commenced an investigation into this matter.

IPSO has asked me to remove my blog of 24 August (The Daily Telegraph response to being in a hole – keep digging) and I have agreed to do so whilst the investigation is under way. So I won’t blog about this for a while until the investigation is completed.

I’m quite impressed by how quickly IPSO have got to grips with this isssue – we’ll see how it goes.


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  1. As a quid pro quo shouldn’t the Telegraph also remove the offending article from it’s website too?

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