Bye bye Game Fair


I regret the passing of the Game Fair as I’ve had quite a lot of fun there over the years. But it was very obvious this year that there weren’t many folk around on the Friday at least.

But Henry enjoyed his first, and apparently only, visit, very much (Henry’s Game Fair, 2 August).

I hope he didn’t scare them all away…


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8 Replies to “Bye bye Game Fair”

  1. Many stand holders will be pleased it has finished as the costs for this year's event were through the roof! Will I or will I not go next year? Don't have to make a decision!

    1. Then again, perhaps the 'grouse-industry' supporters & 'beefy' will step up to take it on?

      Another possibility might be that self proclaimed representation of the rural population, the Countryside Alliance could fund and run it, maybe through their 'Foundation' as part of a public engagement event?

      Maybe the G(WC)T or HOT will help out in a consultancy capacity?

      RIP, aahhh we shed a tear as another tradition built on media hype and spin bites the dust?

  2. Although its been several years since I last went, I think the demise of the CLA game fair is a shame. If nothing else it provided some opportunity for opposing sides to get together and exchange views.

    I should imagine many rspb staff will miss the opportunity to engage with folks that they perhaps wouldn't otherwise come into contact with, and I feel sure that you Mark will really miss the cut and thrust of the panel sessions that you used to attend. I've always found talking to sympathetic audiences is far less interesting than a baying mob!

  3. Following my previous comment perhaps I was being a little flippant. Although as I am currently reading Inglorious this doesn't make me at all well disposed to the shooting brigade.
    How about inviting all the Game Fair attendees to Hen Harrier Day 2016 as an alternative?!


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