Six reasons to ban lead ammunition (1)

Flag_of_Denmark_(WFB_2004)The Danes banned all lead ammunition (even for their Olympic shooting team) almost 20 years ago – in 1996.

It’s not a new thing, or a radical thing, it’s a sensible thing because lead poisons waterfowl, is a poison in game meat shot with lead, and non-toxic alternatives exist. The Danes didn’t stop shooting in 1996 – they stopped shooting poisons into their food and their environment.

See Danish hunters talking about how happy they are with steel shot and how they wouldn’t go back to using lead even if they could – 3 minutes in, although you might want to watch the first three minutes too). Who sounds like a modern hunter – these Danes or our antediluvian BASC, Countryside Alliance or GWCT? And, why for heaven’s sake, is Defra dragging its feet?

Sign Rob Sheldon’s e-petition to ban lead ammunition.

Five more reasons coming today.