Six reasons to ban lead ammunition (3)

10,000 children are growing up in households where they could regularly be eating sufficient game shot with lead ammunition to cause them
neurodevelopmental harm and other health impairments.


Gamekeepers’ families will presumably be at highest risk – and yet the shooting organisations have opposed any restraints on lead ammunition use even though they know that their own community, and their own employees’ children, are probably most at risk.

Sign Rob Sheldon’s e-petition to ban lead ammunition.

Three more reasons coming later today; reason #1 and reason #2.

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2 Replies to “Six reasons to ban lead ammunition (3)”

  1. I read the synopsis and then looked at the ignorant responses from the shooting community to your posts. Their continuing attacks on your posts are really quite tragically comedic. They clearly don't know that the best way to shut you up would be to stop the illegal acts that they wilfully ignore and tacitly support by continuing to ignore them or, worse still, apologise for or deny the existence of.

  2. I wonder about health and safety law for grouse beaters. Also other aspects of employment law. This would be an interesting angle of attack.


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