Moorland Association membership set to plummet?

Photo: RSPB
Photo: RSPB

This statement has been made by the Moorland Association:

‘Illegally set traps – final statement

‘The MA has formally reviewed the incident on Mossdale Estate where an underkeeper admitted to setting traps illegally. The keeper is no longer employed by the estate. Mossdale has also resigned its membership of the MA.”


This may not be the last statement on this matter from this blog.

As wildlife crime investigation techniques improve then this sort of thing may happen more and more often.

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6 Replies to “Moorland Association membership set to plummet?”

  1. This seems to suggest that the Moorland Association did not wish to offend the Moor owner by ending their membership themselves.
    Had this blog and others not kept the pressure on, I've no doubt they would have still been members.
    I'm sure many police are as disgusted as I am at their handling of the case so far. Let's hope we hear some good news, but I'm not holding get my breath.
    Is this another chink?

    1. It's certainly a very short AA comment, in fact it might be her shortest ever press release? Generally such a vociferous advocate and champion for her members and the wonderful things they do ....

      Oops, statement not press release. So our media message should seek a wider audience of their recognition, albeit an almost churlish one, which blames the underkeeper rather than demonstrating responsible leadership?

  2. Huge credit must go to the RSPB for gathering the evidence in the first place. The Countryside Alliance campaign to have such evidence deemed inadmissible.

  3. Does the Chief Constable shoot at Mossdale? That would explain why he only got a caution perhaps?

  4. Certainly deflects attention from the almighty hash that the police made of the issue in the first place


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