M&S has gone very quiet on grouse meat sales

Mon 20 July Copy

Is M&S really going to sell Red Grouse meat in its stores this year?

Does M&S really have an industry-leading Code of Practice? And if they do why won’t they share it with their customers who have asked?  Doesn’t sound as though they are very proud of it?

Will M&S name the estate(s) from which they source their grouse just in case locals or others know of any breaches of the Code of Practice of which M&S might be unaware?

Will M&S send samples of any grouse meat they sell to independent laboratories to be tested for lead levels, pesticide levels and anthelminthic drug levels, as nobody else seems bothered to do so (except this blog got lead levels in Iceland’s Red Grouse tested  – see here for results)?  And will they publicise the results?

Will M&S label their grouse meat (if they sell any) with something like ‘May contain lead levels several thousand times those legal in other meats. Lead is a poison – see the FSA advice especially for small children and pregnant women‘?

Outside which store would it be most convenient for a 6-foot Hen Harrier to stand to publicise M&S’s decision?




3 Replies to “M&S has gone very quiet on grouse meat sales”

  1. I was heading for M&S as usual when needing clothes, but my wife pointed to Debenhans instead.
    Just what I needed, 2 pairs of trousers, socks and a shirt – and my wife spent in their too.
    M&S a lost sale……… You have questions on ethics and truth to answer!

  2. If you can give a ‘heads-up’, Mark, if it appears in the stores, then maybe everyone could go into their local branch and bombard customer services with questions about the product? Sort of a Thunderclap on foot!

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