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      1. Well no one will take any notice of it but unfortunately it does put into perspective what influence the petition on driven grouse shooting is likely to have when other things are so more important the the man/woman/youngster in the street.

  1. Or a middle class lady that attended a Grammer school and Oxford – the one has shrewdly kept her cake hole closed in recent weeks.

    The blustering buffoon is far from being a stick-on, despite what the odds may imply. Think back to Tarzan and the unassuming son of trapeze artist. The blustering buffoon has told a lot of lies in the last two months and his party will be aware of just how toxic he will become when they, along with the economy, begin to unravel.

  2. Ralph’s description of David Cameron- much more polite than mine would be. Illustration anatomically spot on. Maybe a Raven flying over pooing on his weary head… not necessarily a Raven, could be a Hen Harrier.
    Mr Erm on the other hand. Well, should he turn out to be Boris Johnson or Michael Gove (*spits) I’d suggest descriptions of perhaps ‘Self interested posh twits. Not easy on the eye. Have no understanding of conservation or education issues…’
    Descriptions that are as long as your arm basically.
    Whoever they are. Male or female, they are not likely to be any improvement from the last.
    I think Mark should don a disguise. Roll white sleeves up (as tories do when trying to look casual) Infiltrate the conservative party with his charm and secret powers and get elected as PM.
    Nice, positive description & Illustration from Ralph.
    That’ll do.

      1. In truth Mark.
        This ‘Dodgy’ Petition for 2nd EU referendum.
        Has 390,000 votes cast in ‘Vatican city’.
        Yet it only has 850 residents #strange

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