The APPG on Shooting (and Conservation)

At the second time of asking the Public Enquiry Point for the APPG for Shooting (and Conservation) came up with a list of its members. Thank you.

It would be wrong necessarily to expect that every person on this list is an active, keen and accomplished shooter of wildlife,  but some certainly are.

The members of the group are colour-coded below as follows: Northern Ireland MPs of all parties, Conservative, Labour, LibDem and SNP. And I have annotated the list with the number of signatures for our e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting that have come from these MPs’ constituencies. If all constituencies had provided 154 signatures then we would have reached 100,000 signatures and I have indicated those MPs whose constituencies have already passed 154 signatures by showing them in bold.


For an All-Party Group it is quite a blue, Conservative-dominated list.

Mr Nigel Adams MP 224 signatures
Mr Peter Aldous MP 250 signatures
Mr David Anderson MP 220 signatures
Ms Victoria Atkins MP 235 signatures
Mr Richard Bacon MP 313 signatures
Mr Steve Baker MP 169 signatures
Mr Guto Bebb MP 199 signatures
Sir Henry Bellingham MP 244 signatures
Mr Richard Benyon MP 195 signatures
Sir Paul Beresford MP 200 signatures
Mr Clive Betts MP 125 signatures
Mr Andrew Bingham MP  554 signatures
Sir Peter Bottomley MP 227 signatures
Ms Karen Bradley MP 211 signatures
Mr Graham Brady MP 149 signatures
Mr Julian Brazier TD MP 284 signatures
Mr Andrew Bridgen MP 147 signatures
Mr Conor Burns MP 183 signatures
Mr Alun Cairns MP 177 signatures
Mr Christopher Chope OBE MP 211 signatures
Mr James Cleverly MP 205 signatures
Mr Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP 287 signatures
Dr Therese Coffey MP 364 signatures
Mr Christopher Davies MP 241 signatures
Mr David Davies MP 171 signatures
Mr Jonathan Djanogly MP 235 signatures
The Rt Hon Jeffrey Donaldson MP 76 signatures
Mr Richard Drax MP 245 signatures
Mr Clive Efford MP 125 signatures
Mr Tom Elliot MP 43 signatures
Mr Michael Ellis MP 127 signatures
Mr Tobias Ellwood MP 224 signatures
Mr Nigel Evans MP 479 signatures
Mr Tim Farron MP 424 signatures
Mr Robert Flello MP 106 signatures
Mr George Freeman MP 280 signatures
Mr Mark Garnier MP 219 signatures
The Rt Hon Sir Edward Garnier QC MP 204 signatures
Ms Nusrat Ghani MP 273 signatures
The Rt Hon Cheryl Gillan MP 194 signatures
Mr John Glen MP 257 signatures
Mr Robert Goodwill MP 339 signatures
Mr Richard Graham MP 178 signatures
Mr James Gray MP 305 signatures
Mr Robert Halfon MP 128 signatures
Mr Simon Hart MP 177 signatures
Sir Oliver Heald MP 226 signatures
Mr James Heappey MP 343 signatures
Mr Christopher Heaton-Harris MP 191 signatures
Mr Peter Heaton-Jones MP 233 signatures
The Rt Hon Nick Herbert MP 322 signatures
Mr George Hollingbery MP 216 signatures
Mr Adam Holloway MP 135 signatures
Sir Gerald Howarth MP 137 signatures
Mr Bernard Jenkin MP 243 signatures
Ms Andrea Jenkyns MP 166 signatures
Mr Marcus Jones MP 114 signatures
Mr Calum Kerr MP 285 signatures
Mr Danny Kinahan MP 89 signatures
Sir Edward Leigh MP 190 signatures
Mr Brandon Lewis MP 162 signatures
The Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis MP 240 signatures
Mr Ian Liddell-Grainger MP 320 signatures
The Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP 187 signatures
Mr Jack Lopresti MP 159 signatures
Mr Craig Mackinlay MP 222 signatures
Mr Kit Malthouse MP 246 signatures
Mr Jason McCartney MP 307 signatures
Mr Karl McCartney MP 217 signatures
Mr David Morris MP 240 signatures
Ms Caroline Nokes MP 214 signatures
Mr Guy Opperman MP 264 signatures
Mr Neil Parish MP 286 signatures
The Rt Hon Mike Penning MP 164 signatures
Mr Christopher Pincher MP 137 signatures
Dr Daniel Poulter MP 242 signatures
Mr Stephen Pound MP 85 signatures
Mr Laurence Robertson MP 188 signatures
Mr Andrew Rosindell MP 120 signatures
Mr Andrew Selous MP 170 signatures
Mr Jim Shannon MP 70 signatures
Mr Alec Shelbrooke MP 221 signatures
The Rt Hon Sir Nicholas Soames MP 215 signatures
Mr Mark Spencer MP 179 signatures
Mr Iain Stewart MP 165 signatures
Mr Graham Stringer MP 85 signatures
Mr Graham Stuart MP 223 signatures
The Rt Hon Hugo Swire MP 277 signatures
Mr Mark Tami MP 131 signatures
Mr Ben Wallace MP 224 signatures
Ms Helen Whately MP 184 signatures
Mrs Heather Wheeler MP 178 signatures


9 Replies to “The APPG on Shooting (and Conservation)”

  1. And whilst it is unlikely they will step away to avoid any conflict of interest any honourable member(s) might abstain from any vote? That assumes deals are not done elsewhere …. I would be most interested in justification of membership of Richard Benyon given the current complaint.

    By all means input (as ‘experts’), but any role in any decision making makes a mockery of objectivity?

    1. My MP Tory is not on that list and I am still waiting a reply as is another constituent that wrote that I know about.

  2. It could be great if there was a Wildlife Conservation groups APPG. I would be interested who would join it.

    1. That’s a very good suggestion must be some MP’s with this type of interest. In Scottish Parliament they have a Cross Party Group on Rural Issues which I am looking to attend and see if there are any like minded MSP’s!

  3. After downloading the GWCT Hen Harrier Fact Sheet (Their words!) I am now receiving their e-newsletters. I note that there is also an APPG on Game & Wildlife Conservation (!!!) which the GWCT are the secretariat for and it lists 3 Conservatives amongst the office bearers. There is a meeting today as I write this on Predator Control. Can anyone shed any light on what is being discussed? I will drop the GWCT contact for Public Enquiries, who is given as based in Scotland, for a list of members!

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