Absolutely last chance

I’m not sure when the cut-off is but you are running out of time to submit evidence to the House of Commons inquiry on grouse shooting. Here is the link.

I’ve been sent some of your submissions and several people have quoted our new Prime Minister whose speech to the Conservative Party Conference today  included the vow to stand up to the “rich and powerful” who think society’s rules do not apply to them.  She insisted her government will always be on the side of ordinary voters. Let’s hope it is on the side of extraordinary wildlife too.

Let’s make this real rather than imaginary…

Theresa May-1


5 Replies to “Absolutely last chance”

  1. Just done it – so they are still taking submissions at 1835…

    Still time folks!

  2. As promised I have made a submission (at 22:08). No idea whether it says anything really worthwhile but the message seems to have been that every little helps!

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