Turtle Doves are everywhere

A Turtle Dove?

According to the Daily Express the Turtle Dove is making a massive comeback and you only really need to look out of the window, right now, to see one, or two, or probably a few.

Happy Christmas Daily Express picture editor! Coo!

Turtle Dove : By Miguel González Novo from Melilla, Spain, via Wikimedia Commons

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    1. The Daily Express, the one tabloid about which even Daily Mail hacks can look at and say “hey, at least we’re not that”. How do they tie-in Princess Di and Maddie McCann to the dove story, btw? That is still compulsory for the Express isn’t it?

  1. At least the message gets across, even if the pictures are wrong – the third one, with twig, looks like a Wood Pigeon to me!

    1. If you check out the link you will see that although the Express has cocked up on the choice of pictures to illustrate the story they are still – correctly – reporting that Turtle Doves are in serious decline. There is much to dislike about the Express but in this case they haven’t got the story wrong.

  2. It’s v distrubing that people actually read the Daily Express. That aside I am currently at a bit of a loss for a reliable source of on-line news. Telegraph/Mail, Gaianurd, Indie, Times (paywalled), BBC, – all biased one way or another. I read somewhere the FT is good but dry – but also paywalled. Help needed! The Salisbury Journal letter column isn’t bad and keeps me up to date about things which may or may not or didn’t happen and my favourite link is to the “Salisbury” page that says “We cannot find the page you were looking for”.

    1. The Ottle Tribune is a fine upstanding publication and heartily recommended. Particularly if your keen to keep abreast of the latest developments in the Ottle and District Indoor Carpet Bowls League. Modestly permits me from saying too much about the winner of Ottle Pipe Smoker of the Year – the winner of which is featured on a full page spread on pages 4 & 5. It’s worth 50 pence of anyone’s money.

    2. Fibert, where do you think your unbiased well researched news will come from if no-one is going to pay for journalists? ? Unless you only ever read free (hard copy) newspapers, why do you object to paywalls?

      1. Advertising revenue seems to provide rather a lot of dosh – enough to fund space exploration & stuff. Are objectivity and truth are more costly than bias and fibs? If I could find a straight and narrow daily news source I might indeed be tempted to pay for it.

  3. Maybe one of those dodgy press releases from shooting organisations turned conservation charities?

    All that’s missing is a dodgy quote from a pr spin bowler?

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