6 Replies to “See you in London tomorrow?”

  1. Hi Mark.
    Yes. And depending on how my daughter fairs afer a stomach bug I’m hoping she’ll be joining me. Otherwise – I’m travelling from West Yorks on the train on my tod ! 🙁
    But hey. Even if I do come down alone, I know on arriving in the capital and on (nervously) making it to Cavendish Square, I kind of won’t be. I’m looking forward to it. It’s the first large scale demo I’ve attended and it means a lot to me to be physically part of it. Proudly sporting either my LACS Fox or the abstract Badger T shirt. Still undecided. But then that’s not important. What is, is to stand up for our vulnerable fellow animals
    and birds of prey. A proper, meaningful and justifiable ‘glorious 12th’
    Lets Do This.

    1. Jan – let’s do this1 Come say hello! I think I am speaking first at Cavendish Square so we can take some steps together!

    2. Hey Jan,snap I’m travelling down from Calderdale by coach,with trusty wev,e got a grouse banner,all the best Bri.bring it on !

  2. I don’t know about ‘fox hunting’ . I use dogs to hunt deer in order to mange them in a humane manner – would I be welcome?

  3. OneKind have just e-mailed me saying that they are starting a crowdfunding appeal to try to raise £10.000 for their campaign to ban driven grouse shooting.
    I know they are primarily a welfare group, but I hope this is something we can all get behind.
    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  4. Thanks Mark will do ! I’ll do my best to squeeze unscathed through any massing Pakham-swooner throwbacks. Bless ’em.
    Good luck to all ! 🙂

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