Makes me smile every time…

This sign is used for various country fairs across the land and it is used every year. As birders head north to the Norfolk coast to enjoy whatever migrants are hopping around in bushes between Holme and Cromer, many see this sign and it reminds them of…

  • a Sandringham estate gamekeeper being convicted of setting an illegal trap which maimed a Tawny Owl in November 2007 (see Fighting for Birds p 196)
  • the alleged shooting of two Hen Harriers at Dersingham Bog in 2007 (see Fighting for Birds p196-203, also p285, and Inglorious p120-124).
  • A poisoned Sparrowhawk – see RaptorPersecutionUK
  • A Goshawk dying in mysterious circumstances – see RaptorPersecutionUK and this blog
  • Sally the Montagu’s Harrier near the Sandringham estate – see RaptorPersecutionUK
  • Mo the Montagu’s Harrier near the Sandringham Estate – see RaptorPersecutionUK


The general area around Sandringham is clearly a dangerous area for raptors – Henry survived his visit.


11 Replies to “Makes me smile every time…”

  1. Not surprising as the advertisement clearly shows a shotgun shooter on the left undoubtedly raising his gun towards a raptor on the right!! Raptor looks like an Osprey, sub-liminal message or shape of things to come?????

    1. And your point for making this offensive comment is what, exactly>??>? Or does humour pass you by?>?

  2. William is an hypocrite to champion the plight of rhinos & elephants in Africa, when endangered wildlife is being illegally killed or suddenly vanishes without trace on his family’s estates.

    It’s also time for the end of the RSPB, its replacement, the SPB is way over due!

  3. How about introducing Vicarious Liability to England & tax income from shooting estates for starters? Compliance monitoring undertaken by non-linked organisations with citizen science type of involvement?

  4. Just back from a long weekend in Norfolk and was so tempted to creep out at dead of night and paint the bird grey with black wing tips!

  5. Vicarious liability, Nimby, as been of little benefit in Scotland. Another Scottish Government failed policy on the high rate of raptor persecution prevailing over the driven grouse moors. They had the opportunity to involve the SPCA but bottled it.

    1. Mac – vicarious liability will not sort things out on its own, but I’d be very surprised if it has had no impact at all in Scotland. How would we measure its impact?

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