‘There is a widespread consensus now that there is no safe level [of lead]’

BBC Radio 4: In their element – lead listen again here.

The striking thing is the passage where the point is made that as techniques have improved it has become possible to demonstrate that lower and lower amounts of lead still have an impact – we are all suffering from lead poisoning to some extent.

Doesn’t make sense to keep shooting it into our food then does it when non-toxic alternatives are readily available and used widely elsewhere in the world?

Those shooters who argue for continued use of a poison to cull species which enter the human food chain should realise that  ‘…children with higher exposures in childhood had reductions in the volume of certain areas of the brain, most notably in the frontal areas of the brain, the frontal cortex, which lines up well with the clinical presentation of someone who has been overexposed to lead.  They have problems with executive functioning, with planning, with impulse control, ability to delay gratification and so on.  This is really very compelling information that shows that there are long-term persistent, possibly permanent, effects of early childhood exposure that will be expressed in later life.’ David Bellinger, Prof of Neurology, Harvard Medical School.




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  1. One can only assume that the single dislike is from somebody who doesn’t like the truth.

  2. With such compelling evidence about the toxicity of lead you would think that the shooting fraternity would be rushing to use a safe alternative to show that they are responsible and sensible, but of course they aren’t are they?

  3. Perhaps their wit and where with all to make that decision or take full responsibility for their actions has been lost to a toxicity affecting the brain. It seems that can only be the explanation surely these people cannot be so uncaring and selfish that they are deliberately ignoring the evidence! Once rumbled by all they will loose the sports they claim to love due to selfish inaction if that proves to be the case.
    Message to them the only real damage limitation would be to stop using lead now!
    A friend told me the other day of a mutual acquaintance who is so opposed to both people like us and the changes we want that if a ban on lead was forewarned he would use his wealth to go out and buy a lifetimes supply of lead ammunition to put two fingers up to us all!!!! IDIOT but it is what we are up against.

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