Saving another £6

The National Trust has increaased its subscription rates.

I’m not regretting my move to National Trust for Scotland.

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4 Replies to “Saving another £6”

  1. Wonder what impact members resignations consequential of AGM vote saga has had and if this increase is in any way linked to lost revenue from that shameful display of 'democracy' some might describe as 'management manipulation'?

    Off piece but it's interesting that social media is reporting trail hunting across land where they [hunts] have no permission to access? I have to say I'm puzzled how that might occur because surely anyone laying a legitimate trail hunt would ensure there was no risk of such an 'accident' occurring? If the NT continue to associate themselves with such 'practice' then they will lose public confidence and the brand will be damaged?

  2. I'm not leaving because the Trust is on a knife edge over wildlife issues, and rightly so. It has spectacularly failed to show leadership over shooting and raptor persecution in the Dark Peak and could well lose a membership vote over the next few years - especially as the situation worsens, which being the Peak Park it inevitably will. One of its selected tenants has shown his true colours before the ink is dry on his tenancy agreement.

    Its easy to say what is wrong. So what should the Trust have done ?

    Quite simple: it should have suspended shooting on its Peak estate until the situation for raptors has improved. Far from falling out with its establishment and landowning supporters, I suspect there would have been a collective sigh of relief from the silent majority horrified by what is going on in driven grouse shooting and its potential wider impacts on shooting. Yes, there'd have been hysterical screams from the Countryside alliance and its fellow travellers, but all that would have done is point up that all shooters don't think alike - or support it.

    Whatever pain the Trust suffered would have been brief and mild. Instead it has created a running sore which it will regret more and more each year that passes and as Peak persecution stories - including on its own land - continue unabated.

    The brave die once. The coward dies a thousand times.

  3. I told National Trust by email that i wont be renewing my membership this year because of their attitude towards Grouse Shooting and Fox Hunting.

  4. Roderick, i firmly believe, that we will now see an improvement in the fortunes of Raptors, on the National Trusts Dark Peak Estate.
    This will not be enough to please everyone, but will be a start, and show what is possible elsewhere.
    If I am wrong, and there is no improvement within five years, the trust should be prepared to end sporting leases on all properties in the area, as soon as legally possible.
    What must be allowed for, and I am sure will be by those on the ground, are the actions of some surrounding, private estates.


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