Are you sure you’ve identified the right one Crispin?

In The Times I read that Crispin Odey, self-confessed funder of YFTB has decided that Boris Johnson is the person he wants to lead the Conservative Party, and as soon as possible.

It’s only a matter of five months ago that Michael Gove was the chosen one for Mr Odey. Blimey! Boris’s principled and reasonable position over the Chequers Agreement (agreeing it and then dumping it a few days later) must have won Mr Odey over.

Mr Odey has got a very striking quote in The Times though:

What she has sold to Europe, she cannot sell to her party,” he said. “I give her about a 20 per cent chance of making it to Brexit in March. How many times did Julius Caesar go to the Senate before being assassinated? Beware the Ides of March.

Mr Odey likes BoJo because of his quick decision-making.  Perhaps the same ability is what recommends Ian Gregory to Mr Odey – the quick decision-making that led Gregory to illustrate the website for the Odey-funded YFTB with a stonking image of an unmistakable Montagu’s Harrier and a much more difficult young Pallid Harrier.  Quick and wrong decision-making perhaps? But like the grouse moors of the UK, the YFTB Hen Harrier page doesn’t have a Hen Harrier in sight.

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3 Replies to “Are you sure you’ve identified the right one Crispin?”

  1. You'd have thought that the two or three dissenting moles here would have tipped off YFTB about their gaffe by now and their error corrected but evidently not since the photos of Montagu's Harrier are still there. Then again, as YFTB doesn't seem to much care about being scientifically accurate, I'm not really surprised.

  2. oops, sorry John it's another anti raptor group who has the benefit of a the Royal patron, I was too quick with the submit .... 🙁


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