Aaaaah – of course!

Michael Gove has done nothing visible to me to deal with the many ills and misdemeanors of driven grouse shooting. In fact, he is said to have told representatives of grouse shooting that he was seeking to ‘protect their vulnerable flank’, whatever that might mean (grouse shooting has enough exposed flanks to be spherical).

Crispin Odey is a grouse shooter.

Crispin Odey is a funder of YFTB.

Crispin Odey is a major funder of the Tory party,

Crispin Odey wants Michael Gove to take over from Theresa May asap,

Aaaaah, I see.


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8 Replies to “Aaaaah – of course!”

  1. And there was silly me hoping and thinking we might just get into a chink in the DEFRA armour protecting DGS. Fat chance with this set of ne'er do wells in power.

  2. I've always thought that Mr Gove's tempting pronouncements re green initiatives, post Brexit farm subsidies etc sounded too good to be true without some positive indication of delivery - none of those visible yet. They also sounded like a bid for the top job. Hard to imagine anyone being crazy enough to bid for leadership before the debacle that will be Brexit actually happens.

  3. I am extremely sceptical of Mr Gove. I think he will deliver very little if anything on the conservation front and may well end up making matters worse rather than better. The root of the problem is that the Tory party just has too many vested interests particularly in grouse moors and driven grouse shooting and is not prepared to give these vested interests up in the slightest. This is in complete defiance of the majority of people that believe driven grouse shooting and all the illegal and nasty acts that are usually associated with it, should be bannned. Democracy, what democracy?

  4. Gove has a history of involvement with far right wing think tanks. Everything that he says and does, virtually, is straight from the GOP playbook. The only thing he has ever done so far, not a direct copy from GOP, is some rhetoric about the environment. But then lying would be consistent with GOP.

  5. Virtually everything that Gove has ever done is directly copied from the GOP playbook. Remember he has a history of involvement with far right wing think tanks. The only thing that has ever surprised me about him, is his "greenwash" rhetoric over environmental issues, however lying is perfectly consistent with GOP.

    The Greenwash thing might well be playing a tune for traditional conservatives, who would really like to think that they are custodians of rural England, including the wildlife contained therein, however this probably goes so far as wanting to do this, to an extent. So if profit can be gleaned from the land, a few of the incident kJ poured on it by the Sun, is converted to cash in the farmers pocket and not baby birds or insects, so be it. Or if that derelict barn could be converted to a £500,000 dwelling for a townie solicitor, rather than a home for owls, all well and good. I live in perhaps the only remaining scruffy part of Derbyshire, but the gentrification process is well underway here. Derelict barns are rare here now and the dwellings they become, the owners seem to start with sterilising the attached land. The people that occupy these dwellings are probably traditional Tory voters who would eagerly buy into the illusion of "greenwash."

    In any case, I trust Gove as far as I could throw this house.


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