Asking the burning questions?

Dear Natural England

  • I understand from a member of NE staff that the blanket bog overlay on the MAGIC system is not the most accurate or up to date dataset which NE has on blanket bog extent – can you confirm whether this is true?
  • what plans does NE have to make the more accurate dataset available on MAGIC?
  • can you confirm, as I strongly suspect, that the area around the red star on the attached map is in fact blanket bog?
  • what steps is NE taking to monitor the compliance of landowners with the voluntary agreement to cease burning of blanket bogs referred to in the meeting between the Secretary of State, Michael Gove, and grouse shooting estates held on 1 February 2018 and to which many grouse shooting estates have agreed (see here)?
  • How would NE like members of the public to report apparent breaches of this voluntary agreement (given that non-compliance could make the UK liable to infraction proceedings by the European Commission)?
  • Please supply any reports on burning compliance/non-compliance which exist including any made to Defra or the European Commission.
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5 Replies to “Asking the burning questions?”

  1. "I strongly suspect, that the area around the red star on the attached map is in fact blanket bog?"
    Well done to whoever went and found this out.
    Well done Mark for your persistence on this issue.
    A big raspberry to the senior people at NE who seem to think that they need pay no attention to the job they are mandated to undertake.

  2. Just keep asking simple questions., there is a simple truth......then use the answers to support a petition against muirburn!

    Go after all the practices that supports their selfish environmental destruction one by one.

  3. I find it a bit unsettling that MAGIC maps is not up to date. Many ecological consultants use MAGIC maps when submitting information for planning applications. It makes it a lot harder for planning officers (many of which do not have ecological knowledge) to pay due diligence to applications. Especially, those applications that require Environmental Impact Assessments or Habitat Regulation Assessments.


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