This ‘track’ must go

Photo: Bob Berzins

Bob Berzins wrote about this track in February 2017 and again in January 2019.

This planning case has now been settled with the landowner having to remove the track, reinstate the vegetation and pay costs. This is a good result, though a slow result – see here for details.

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8 Replies to “This ‘track’ must go”

  1. Absolutely agee with Nick. An excellent result and warmest congratulations to Bob for his dedicatikon and perseverance,

  2. If re-instatement doesn’t occur then it may have to go to court for an enforcement order/injunction. And it that is ignored the owner is then liable to a contemp of court charge (i.e. a criminal record).

    The biggest man-cave in the UK.
    An example of where it can leave a person ignoring the planning inspectors. And an example of how long such people can try to drag out procedings. This example has been going on since 2013.

  3. Many congratulations to Bob. The decision by the Planning Inspectorate means that right has been done. One only has to look at the photo to see what irresponsible people can do. This irresponsibility has to be stopped and has been. So once again we’ll done Bob.

  4. This is very good news indeed and testament to Bob’s persistence and rightful indignation. However he and his car will no doubt continue, as a result, to be targeted by the moorland morons and lackeys of the DGS fraternity who continue to despoil our uplands in pursuit of their environmentally doomed pastime.

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