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Lead and other poisons

In a couple of weeks time there will be a meeting in Quito of the Convention on Migratory Species. Sounds terribly dull doesn’t it? Well maybe it will be – but maybe it won’t. One of the areas to be discussed is poisoning. I wonder what position our government will take on such issues that […]

Glad we’ve cleared that up

From Guy Smith’s Twitter feed (@essexpeasant): @bbcfarmingtoday please note that reports I mentioned on your prog of 70% of the Swedish OSR crop being destroyed by flea beetle were wrong and Now seen transcript and fully admit what I said was wrong. Apologies. Will not be repeating it again. Well done to Guy, NFU Vice-President, […]

Let’s be reasonable.

I don’t know how often readers of this blog go back a few days and read the comments that continue to accrue on earlier posts.  And I don’t know whether I would recommend it either – sometimes a late post is the best of the lot, but not always. So, I have little idea how […]

What did politicians offer?

I have a column in the current British Wildlife magazine about the relevance of the EU elections on 22 May, the Scottish independence vote in September and the next UK general election (just over a year away) to our wildlife.  In it I also set out 20 policies that might get my vote in the […]

Peter Kendall – bye bye!

I’ll let you into a couple of secrets – although neither may come as a surprise to you. First, I’ll miss Peter Kendall (a bit). Everyone deserves to have a pantomime villain to boo and Peter has thrown himself into that role with gusto for eight years.  We’ll have to see whether the new NFU […]