Shade-grown coffee

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I’m enjoying the shade-grown, organic, Fairtrade coffee that I bought from the RSPB.

As New World warblers, confusing fall warblers (as the plate in Peterson described them) head south to the forests of Central and South America, I’m glad that my choice of coffee might be helping to protect their wintering habitat. And the bird-friendly coffee tastes fine to me.



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3 Replies to “Shade-grown coffee”

  1. Sorry Mark, bit off topic but Defra have finally 'responded' to the petition.......By saying how great grouse shooting is.

  2. I wonder whether the economics of saving $4 on a jar of coffee (200g morrisons own brand) and donating that to good causes is a better use than the £6.50 (no doubt much nicer!) for RSPB coffee... ?


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