This was not a fake review

IMG_2406When I criticised Rules restaurant on the site Tripadvisor it really was me, and I really meant it – even though some comments on similar sites are apparently fake ones.

I asked Rules, having been there as a customer, about the provenance of its game meat and whether it was completely up to date with the scientific information on lead in game meat (see here, here, here and here for the bizarre but not very illuminating tale of their lack of an informative reply).

My review of Rules was entitled ‘Uncommunicative and pricy‘ and I keep getting emails from Tripadvisor telling me that someone else has found it helpful – it now has 69 helpful votes. I’d still like to hear from Rules – and I am contacting other London restaurants on this matter too – and I will let you know what they say.


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  1. Your experience seems to mirror Charles Clovers’ in his excellent book ‘End of the Line’ which really opened my eyes to what has been happening to our fisheries – and how our approach to fisheries is one of the big disasters of the human race. Charles, who is a professional journalist and well known as such, and at least as fierce as Mark, got similarly short shrift from some of London’s fanciest and most expensive restaurants – but a lot of businesses, as M&S have shown, realise that they do suffer serious reputational damage through this sort of thing.

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