Trapped lamb

These fenn traps get everywhere – even attached to lambs. Where might that trap have been set to end up here?

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3 Replies to “Trapped lamb”

  1. So, the gamekeepers have started setting traps for sheep now, maybe they think the sheep will trample the nests and eggs of Red Grouse or flush the birds just before a shoot, the mind boggles? These grouse shooting estate gamekeepers are so paranoid about producing maximum numbers of grouse they’ll stop at nothing, but sheep, they’re really scraping the barrel now !!!

    It just goes to show that the uncaring indiscriminate setting of traps and snares are likely to catch anything and that includes your pet dog, oh, and of course “sheep” !!!

  2. It’s not just the traps that get everywhere, so, too, do the sheep. In such a sheep-wrecked habitat it’s a wonder that there is any, so called, vermin left to trap but then, perhaps, the odd raven might have the temerity to fly over and we can’t have that, can we? This is yet another abuse of the countryside that our taxes are paying for, subsidies for sheep ranching.

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