It may have been a wet June but the sun was shining on this blog.

With a little under 30,000 unique visitors and over 113,000 page views this blog had its second most successful month ever (in terms of those measurements). The most successful was April 2016.


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4 Replies to “June”

    1. I know I've been pimping it quite a lot in the Springwatch twitter threads, and during Countryfile until my blood pressure demanded I stop watching countryfile, so that must have helped a bit I hope. The trick is to tag it in during or just after the show ended, that is when the big activity is.

      I wish it hadn't been such a wet june though, my tomatoes are full of bloody tomato blight. Reckon salads might be off the menu on the grouse shootin' picnics if anyone else's tomato patch looks anything like mine.

  1. Wet June? Not here in Orkney. It's been superb weather for wild flowers and breeding birds - including Hen Harriers.

    1. Andy Mitchell - you get all the best stuff: sun, Hen Harriers, Nicola Sturgeon and the EU


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