Good luck Green Man Festival!


Good luck at the Green Man Festival – we’ll be thinking of you at the Bird Fair.

Glanusk Estate.

Please sign our e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting.

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19 Replies to “Good luck Green Man Festival!”

  1. I have been in touch with the Green Man festival (as you would imagine a festival that may have Pagan leanings) to ask if they had any plans to stop using the Glanusk Estate for their festivals in the light of the worst poisoning incident of birds of prey in Welsh history taking place there.You would think this would cause them some concern.They have refused to respond to me and deleted my comments.Maybe there was some error,if not they have no right to call themselves a Green Man anything and do not deserve to be supported.

  2. That is my impression as well. Ros. The green bit seems simply to be a thin veneer aimed at enticing the gullible. Lay lines/mass poisoning, take your pick.

  3. Actually, thinking about it, this may be a case for Ethical Consumer

    From the this incident alone, backed by the organiser's indifference, I think Green Man has a very strong claim to be the least green music festival in the UK. So let's take it upon ourselves to let everyone know.

  4. And I am banned from the Glanusk facebook page following my questions re raptor persecution.I will find some other way to ask the questions!

  5. I had exactly the same Non response too Ros,quite unbelievable this Very Serious Raptor Poisoning incident is just being swept under the carpet,it makes a mockery of the Green Man Festival,and the Perpetrators have never been brought to book ! Now there's a suprize !!

  6. Well done Ros

    The more contact people make with them expressing concerns, and inform the press / social media their concerns then even if they delete comments the fact there is a critical mass approach might just get through to them and cause a rethink for future years?

    Are they adopting a M&S stance I wonder?

    1. They could well be Nimby. Now let's think, some Dr or other got them to change their minds didn't he? Er.....

  7. Well, well. As tweeted by Mark, this could be rather big news;

    'A public consultation will open on the future of recreational bird shooting on Natural Resources Wales-owned land'.

    Though, as it's a private site, not directly related, the effect on public opinion of the disgrace at Glanusk could have a profound effect in Wales in the relatively short-term.

    1. Just noticed this;

      In June BASC claimed shooting added £75 million (presumably meaning per year) to the Welsh economy;

      by August it was claiming it was £64 million

      Providing the BBC has faithfully reported, it's been quite a ropy couple of months then. If it carries on like that it'll be worth nothing in just over 14 months.

  8. By the way;

    If you wish to contact Green Man:

    If you wish to contact Glanusk Estate:

    If you would like to ask the Wales Green Party why they have done nothing about the case:

    Leader: Louise Davies

    1. I hope this is publicly available information, in which case fair enough although it still makes me a more than a bit uneasy to implicitly invite, or at least facilitate, a personal attack on someone who probably isn't either the power behind the throne or the perpetrator. I've been on the receiving end of that kind of thing and it's not a good way to change anyone's mind. [Mark: I have removed those details]

      Otherwise I suggest its very bad form indeed to publish an individual's name and contact details - esp a woman (sadly) in these time of rampant social media misogyny. As Chris Packham said so well, we have truth on our side, we don't need to stoop to tactics like this. [Mark: to be fair: contacting someone in their business role to comment on/enquire about/complain about their business is what business contact details are for]

      1. JBC - i don't condone personal attacks either, hence no personal details. The numbers I gave are those publicly given out by Glanusk. I think this helps when they refuse to respond to emails.

          1. If you do get an Email reply it may well be from Debbie Murray. The contact numbers I gave will be, as standard, be at the bottom of the Email. So definitely in the public domain.

  9. Correction: the Wales Green Party leader is now Alice-Hooker Stroud.



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