Back home after the Bird Fair


A simple domestic scene in the Avery household after a Saturday at the Bird Fair – celebrating with M&S Cava in 100,000 signature mugs (we’re no mugs!)!

Sign here to add to the celebrations – ban driven grouse shooting.


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17 Replies to “Back home after the Bird Fair”

  1. it's remarkable how many people have now heard about the problems grouse moors cause. Hope you and Henry have a bottle deserve it.

  2. The pleasure of meeting you today, albeit briefly, was only eclipsed having a hug from Henry the Harrier!

  3. 116,718 even after another bot reduction. If this is real then that's 2000 in 24 hours.
    Better have another drink Mark!

  4. Paul, the total has been readjusted again, and this time the results look to be fairly convincing. It's hard to say what's been removed and from when (last night's total could have been readjusted down too), and, of course, it's possible the bot attacks have overloaded the system at times and email confirmations are taking time to be sent out. However my current best guess for the day so far is around 659 signatures. At the moment the signature rate is a healthy (for the time of night) 50 per hour. I'll recheck at the close and, hopefully, tomorrow we can resume with proper daily scores.

  5. Now showing 115496 and 31 in the last hour. Suggests "one final correction" has happened for the Adam Adams bot (see comments on the ups and downs of petitions post from yesterday).

    Hope none of these shenanigans spoiled the celebrations Mark and friends, no reason why they should!

  6. We were on a further-adjusted 115,500 at the end of the day. I believe that figure now to be correct. Still pretty impressive progress since 100,000 on 13 August.


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