Thunderous Mr Wilde


The thunderous Findlay Wilde has a thunderclap going. It will go out on 12 August, the Inglorious 12th, a while before he gets his GCSE results!

It seems as though Findlay has been around for ages, he’s an established figure – an established figure and he hasn’t got to the sixth form yet.

Well done Findlay!

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2 Replies to “Thunderous Mr Wilde”

  1. Whatever you may think of Findlay's views, it's to be celebrated that, a far younger than most, he cares so passionately about the environment and is so articulate in promoting his cause. It is, therefore, a reflection of the blinkered sourness of the pro-hunting brigade that this post has been 'disliked' by two of their ilk. Posts here regularly seem to receive 2-3 'dislikes' (from I assume those with a vested interest) and I've long given up the hope that the small rump of dissenters here would bring themselves to post the reasons for their opposition.

    1. Yeah it's pretty despicable that they've been nasty enough to click on dislike, but as usual too cowardly to say why - I suppose they're frightened of publicly exhibiting their stupidity.


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