Red Kites in September

I’m keeping a note of whether I see Red Kites on each day through the year – the September tally was a very low 12 days out of 30. that’s partly because I was in Iceland for a week at the beginning of the month, and I’ve spent time in London too.  But it looks like sightings are picking up at the end of the month so we’ll see what October has to offer.

January: 22 days out of 31.

February: 24 days out of 28.

March: 26 days out of 31.

April: 20 days out of 30.

May: 7 days out of 31

June: 0 days out of 30 (there are no Red Kites in North America!)

July: 14 days out of 31

August: 16 days out of 31

That makes 141 out of 273 overall.

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3 Replies to “Red Kites in September”

  1. Out of a possible 27 days I did manage a sighting on one day.
    Better with some other species; in decreasing order BZ 27 out of 27, HH 21, K 15, EA 11, SH & ML 7, WE 4, GI 3, PE 2.

  2. Kites have just begun to nest here in Derbyshire with one youngster fledging from a nest close to Derby city.
    There have been many more sightings right across the county this year than in any previous one so hopefully there’ll be more nests in 2019.
    Splendid birds that give everyone who sees them such a boost!

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