Let’s hear it for the Aarhus Convention!

So, of £26k raised in double-quick time last spring (2018!) £5k goes in costs and the rest goes to my, our, legal team. And that also pays for the appeal which we are pursuing.

This shows clearly what a great a deal I had from my, our, legal team who were considerably cheaper (though I would say considerably better too) than Natural England’s legal team.

Thank you again to everyone who funded this legal challenge and, remember, we are seeking to appeal the judgment so it isn’t over yet. But Natural England seem hell-bent on carrying out brood-meddling this year even though it is opposed by me, birding opinion, raptor workers in the North of England and the RSPB. This daft project, signed off by former PM-hopeful Rory Stewart, and defended recently by new Natural England Chair, my mate Tony Juniper, is not only costly financially for Natural England but also continues to damage its profile and reputation with all but grouse shooters.

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3 Replies to “Costs”

  1. Yes, and no doubt the point of the question was to make it seem like these damn conservationists were costing the taxpayers money by being unreasonable. Bet his brain's full of Lead.

    1. I told you the Aarhus Convention was awesome Mark! Good to see hard fought for protection doing good things for nature conservation.


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