I’m driving in my car

Actually, I’m not, as I am still in New York, although gas is so cheap and parking so expensive, and the traffic moves so slowly, that driving around Manhattan might work out cheaper than parking!

‘My’ car is a tank! It’s a Dodge Grand Caravan – which would easily seat 6  people.  It’s very comfortable, quite a nice drive (for an automatic transmission – I never did say that PRND is Park Reverse Neutral Drive did I? But you probably knew that any way) but not what I ordered at all.

I spent quite a lot of time choosing between hire car companies on the basis of the fuel efficiency of their cars on offer and then I get upgraded to a comfortable tank!

There was a moment of confusion when I picked the car up at Union Station in Washington DC and was told I could have a van but we got over that.  Although it is a white van – so I am white van man in the USA.

The upgrade will cost me quite a bit in extra fuel and the planet too for the same reason but I mustn’t grumble as I was lucky…I’ll tell you that story when I am safely home.

And when home – which is ages away – I will work out the carbon expended on this trip – the amount will be huge.

And when back home – which is ages away – this blog will revert to commentary of the UK environmental scene.  Remember I have a book out of previous blogs which is selling well and will help to pay for the fuel on this trip and a newsblast which will start in July. So cough up for the book and sign up (free!) for the newsblast.