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BAWC-220-x-220pxHere I am talking to BAWC‘s Charlie Moores to raise the profile of Hen Harriers and Hen Harrier Day – click here to hear why I launched this e-petition.


‘A very long time – and almost complete failure – there are fewer Hen Harriers now…’

‘Things have got worse – they haven’t got better’

‘We haven’t lost because we’re still in the game. This is going to be a fantastic summer – the Summer of the Hen Harrier. The first of many summers of the Hen Harrier’

Hen Harrier Day – Alan Tilmouth thought it up last year’

‘They’ve [Hen Harriers] had 60 years of protection and we’ve got far fewer of them’

‘The science says there ought to be 340 pairs of Hen Harriers nesting in the north of England and this year there are three’

‘The enemy of the Hen Harrier is the grouse shooting industry’

‘Going back a few years, people involved with game shooting were far more honest and admitted that the lack of Hen Harriers is because, yes, crime happens up in the hills’

‘There are some good things about it [driven grouse shooting] and some bad things about it…I’m not going to try to paint it as being all bad’

‘If the RSPB or the Wildlife Trusts threw their support behind it [the e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting] then it would probably get to 100,000 in a couple of weeks. We live in hope.’




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