And there is this other book

9781784270506I’ve said before that it’s bad timing having two books coming out at the same time.  I have, I must admit, given a lot more effort to promoting Inglorious than I have to promoting Behind the Binoculars – mainly because Inglorious is part of a campaign whereas Behind the Binoculars is just a rather good book.

Behind the Binoculars will appeal, I believe, to a wider audience than Inglorious, and  it will certainly appeal to many who will be at this weekend’s Bird Fair from Friday to Sunday.  Keith Betton, my co-author and I, will be doing a turn in the authors’ marquee on Saturday  at 1630, when we will be joined by a couple of the people who were interviewed in the book – the inimitable Ian Wallace and the also inimitable Debbie Pain.  We’ll have a nice chat – that’s the plan anyway.

Quite a few, 17 we think, of the interviewees in behind the Binoculars will be at the Bird Fair over the weekend.  How about trying to get your copy signed by all of them – I’m going to try too. Let’s see who can get the most signatures.

These are the interviewees but you’ll have to track them down yourself – and find a copy of the book too!

Ian Newton, the late Phil Hollom, Rebecca Nason, Chris Packham, Steph Tyler, Debbie Pain, Stuart Winter, Lee Evans, Steve Gantlett, Mark Cocker, Ian Wallace, Andy Clements, Mike Clarke, Roger Riddington, Stephen Moss, Alan Davies and Ruth Miller, Robert Gillmor and me and Keith.

I’ll certainly sign your copy if you buy one after our talk (and I’m sure Keith, Ian and Debbie will too if you ask them nicely) but here are some other book signings I’m doing over the weekend:


1100-1200 Subbuteo stand

1200-1300 Wildsounds stand

1300-1400 Birdwatch stand


1100-1200 Subbuteo stand

1200-1300 Wildsounds stand

After our 1630 talk in the Authors’ forum


1400-1500 Birdwatch stand


Behind the Binoculars: interviews with acclaimed birdwatchers by Mark Avery and Keith Betton is published by Pelagic – here’s a review.

Inglorious: conflict in the uplands by Mark Avery is published by Bloomsbury – for reviews see here.

A Message from Martha by Mark Avery is published by Bloomsbury – for reviews see here.