Publication day for Remarkable Birds

Remarkable Birds

Today is the publication date for my latest book, Remarkable Birds.

It’s a very attractive book, which I can say because I had only a little to do with the choice of illustrations and the laying out of the book.  I wrote the words in between the marvellous artwork!

The cover is an Audubon – an American White Pelican – and is a good example of the remarkable art between the book’s covers.

One chapter is about extinct or threatened bird species. It includes gorgeous illustrations, and a few words by me, on giant moas, the Dodo, Chatham Island Black Robin,  Huia, Ivory-billed Woodpecker, Lear’s Macaw, Spoon-billed Sandpiper, California Condor, Great Auk and, appropriately considering the publication date, the Passenger Pigeon. And, as well as a couple of other paintings it, of course, includes Audubon’s Passenger Pigeon plate (below).

Three years ago I travelled to Liverpool Central Library to look at that plate, on public display, on the 99th anniversary of the extinction of the formerly most numerous bird species on Earth.  I wonder if it is displayed today – if you have the chance to check, please let me know.

Remarkable Birds is published by Thames and Hudson.

Passenger Pigeon by John James Audubon
Passenger Pigeon by John James Audubon


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