#COTF20 my garden birdwatch (6)

Steppe Eagle. Photo: Tim Melling

Four years ago I was a team member rushing around the Negev desert and the area around Eilat in Israel spotting birds in an international bird race. What a daft thing to do! But we raised a lot of money for conservation of migrant birds in Greece (and, quite honestly, had a lot of fun). This year’s event was cancelled because of the global pandemic (I never thought I’d write those words) and so the magnificent Steppe Eagle (above) which needs help in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, is going to go short of the help that was planned.

This year I have made a list of birds seen in my garden today to coincide with the intended day of the Champions of the Flyway bird race – it’s been fun for me. I’ve seen 28 species (pretty good for my garden) which is over 100 species fewer than we saw in Israel. It’s been much greener and very enjoyable in a different way. I’ve missed the camaraderie of my team mates and that from the other teams too, but the main difference is the fundraising for nature conservation. If you can make a small contribution to this international conservation cause then that would be great – thank you – if you’d like to, then click here please.

Here’s my birdlist for today, from my garden in east Northants, UK:

  1. Blackbird
  2. Gadwall (flying over calling in the dark)
  3. Robin
  4. Dunnock
  5. Wren
  6. Woodpigeon
  7. Jackdaw
  8. Collared Dove
  9. Greenfinch
  10. Goldfinch
  11. Starling
  12. Greylag Goose
  13. Rook
  14. House Sparrow
  15. Blue Tit
  16. Song Thrush
  17. Lesser Black-backed Gull
  18. Great Tit
  19. Black-headed Gull
  20. Stock Dove
  21. Magpie
  22. Chaffinch
  23. Buzzard
  24. Long-tailed Tit
  25. Goldcrest
  26. Common Gull
  27. Sparrowhawk
  28. Red Kite

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