Sunday book review – Rebugging the Planet by Vicki Hird

This book covers some of the same ground as last week’s reviewed book (Silent Earth by Dave Goulson) in that it is invertebrate-based, is on the side of the creepie-crawlies, explains their value to us and sets out some actions that all could take to help to make things right. This book is written in a less formal but still rigorous tone and might be more appealing to a wider and less already-knowledgeable readership. But I wouldn’t wish to rate the two books in relation to each other – I’m very glad to have both, and intend to refer to them both as time passes.

Vicki Hird throws in a lot of facts about non-insect invertebrates but most of the action here is with insects – the author is quite evidently a massive fan of insects, and this comes across very engagingly.

The author, is head of Sustain’s Sustainable Farming Campaign and works mainly in the food, farming and environmental policy areas. She has a fine track-record, so her views are worth reading.

I learned quite a few things from this book – there are lots of interesting facts and this is a book that you could read from cover to cover quite quickly or dip into with benefit.

There aren’t yet many books that mention Wild Justice, but this one does.

I like the cover – 8/10 from me.

Rebugging the Planet: the remarkable things that insects (and other invertebrates) do – and why we need to love them more by Vicki Hird is published (on 16 September) by Chelsea Green.