Sunday book review – The Peak by Rod Dunn

An attractive book of relatively few words but a great many excellent images. The photographs are wonderful and portray the landscapes, wildlife and built environment of our oldest National Park.

There are many good portraits of birds here, and I enjoyed them. The butterflies were even better and the plants better still. But the landscapes are superb. That’s partly because the Peak District has much beauty, but it is also down to the composition of the views and also by the wide variety of weather conditions and seasonal differences which are captured here. I know the Peak District a bit but this book would motivate you to visit it just for the scenery.

This really is a celebration of our oldest National Park.

The cover?  Very Peak District, isn’t it? I’d give it 8/10.

The Peak: the landscapes, waterfalls, wildlife and ancient sites of the Peak District by Rod Dunn is published by Peakland Design and is available widely.


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