Last chance for Big Match Fortnight for World Land Trust

During Big Match Fortnight, which ends tomorrow 15 October, any money you and I donate to the excellent World Land Trust will be matched by kind donors up to a limit of £250,000 – so ‘our’ £250k turns into £500k – simples! Why not stump up some cash now – please? I have. Likes(10)Dislikes(1)

World Land Trust

I’m a rather inadequate council member of the World Land Trust and so I’m asking you to help make me look a bit better by helping them in one or more of these ways; 1. Be a World Land Trust Friend – give a regular donation of £5 per month 2. Follow the World Land…

Vote for Andean Condors please

The fate of £25,000 of conservation money is entirely up to you. Have a look, please, and consider voting for this excellent project to protect Andean Condors. Voting closes on Monday so why not just click away now? Likes(17)Dislikes(0)

Meat-free week – support World Land Trust (please)

Next week, 23-29 March, is meat-free week. As someone wh0 has at least four meat-free days most weeks, this probably isn’t going to be too much of a stretch for me, and a friend of mine who has given up meat for Lent will just breeze through it. My vegetarian and vegan friends (actually, do…

Get the big cats purrrrrring please

The World Land Trust, of which I am a Council member, is raising money for big cat conservation – including Bengal Tiger, Puma and Jaguar (I’d just love to see a Jaguar!). Not only will the WLT be purrrrring with pleasure and gratitude if you hand over some dosh but they will be doubly purrrring…