I love I90

I’m in South Dakota – only just over the border from Minnesota, but in Sioux Falls.  I started in Wisconsin, drove right across Minnesota and arrived here in South Dakota.  This is the West – although Sioux Falls doesn’t seem very wild at the moment.

And that mammal from yesterday – thank you to those suggesting it is probably the Groundhog – it probably is.  One of the Marmot family.

It has rained most of today but it cleared 100 miles shy of my destination.  I had expected this drive West to be marked by the sun pushing me from behind in the mornings and sucking me towards the sunset as evening came – but mostly it has rained for the last few days.

But many places I have been, and some places I am going, have tornado warnings at present and clearly further South in the Great Plains things have been rough.  Fingers crossed for those affected and a little for me too.

Today I crossed the Mississippi River and tomorrow I will pass the Missouri River.  Most of the rain falling on the Northern USA flows through these great veins.

I covered more than 500 miles today on Interstate 90 – which is quite a road – and we have become mates.  I90 doesn’t mind my singing along with Green Day and I don’t mind I90 having a noisy carriageway in places.

I didn’t stop much today, except for lunch in Wisconsin – the USA capital of cheese.  For West Wing fans, Donna Moss comes from Wisconsin.  I had to have cheese curds as part of my lunch – fried cheese (can aid slimming if taken as part of a calorie-controlled diet).

And I didn’t add many birds today – the rain was torrential.  I passed plenty of interesting looking places but nowhere is that good for birding in a deluge.

However, I did add one species to my trip list, in Minnesota, even though it is, bizarrely, the State Bird of South Dakota.  Why did they choose this species?  Click here to find out what it was.

I90 heads straight West.  I like that in a road. West, West, West, West, West.  I seem to have come a long way West but apparently I am now poised equidistant between the Atlantic and Pacific.  There is a lot more West to come and I’m really looking forward to it – it would help if the rain kept off though.

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5 Replies to “I love I90”

  1. Mark.. you are inspiring me to be very negative about the US of A. I feel as though we driving along that road with you with all your tales of diners, waitressess, places of interest, birds and the music refs.

    Have you been keeping up with footy news. Last night, they said no merger for R&D and Kettering but I think still thoughts about K using your ground in some way which will not go down well with fans and their attendance. Shame for two pretty good non-league teams eh.

    well done for keeping us/me amused at lunchtime and carry on enjoying yourself

    1. Diane - a Kettering Rushden merger would make sense for both clubs but I can see it probably won't happen.

      Anyway - here soccer is a girl's game.

      It's 730am here, I've been to the gym and now I will go out and have something unhealthy for breakfast before looking at the prairie of South Dakota.

      And, of course, I miss you all.


  2. You are starting to make me jealous Mark. I do know the Canadian prairies and find it a fascinating habitat - nothing there until you look closer.

    I wouldn't worry about the tornado warnings, just worry about the tornados.


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