Thinking about ponds

I spent Wednesday mostly thinking about ponds.  This wasn’t just a reverie – I am a trustee of the excellent small conservation charity ‘Pond Conservation’.

They certainly didn’t choose me because of my great knowledge of ponds, but I said ‘yes’ to Pond Conservation because I admire what they are doing, and at their AGM this week there was every reason for that admiration to grow.

The Million Pond project, for example, is going really well.  Thousands of new, high quality, ponds are being created by a range of partners working with Pond Conservation.  The partners include people who are used to digging holes in the ground, rather big ones, in the aggregate extraction industries, those organisations that manage large areas of land (such as the Forestry Commission with all that heathland) and even folk like the Defence Estates where a few ponds created on army training areas could do a lot of good for threatened wildlife and not much harm to army training.

Pond Conservation will be at the Game Fair at Blenheim next week, so go and see them there and sign up as a member – go on!  Or sign up on line – go on!

I’m going to learn a lot through being a trustee of Pond Conservation and in return I will occasionally plug their work here.  They are a really good bunch of keen people and it’s always tough when you are a small NGO to know where the next slug of money will come from, so they deserve my and your support.

Maybe like me you are a member of several wildlife conservation organisations, and, just like me, you have to think carefully about expenditure these days.  Maybe one day I’ll write a user-guide to which wildlife organisations will spend your money best, and need it most.  That would be an interesting exercise.  I think that some of the big organisations would be at the top and some at the bottom of my list.  But Pond Conservation would be high-ranking.


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