Fair point

I recently received in the post my tickets for the CLA Game Fair.  This year it is at Blenheim at the end of next week.  The last time the Game Fair was at Blenheim the queues into the car park were horrendous so if you come next week, my advice is to set off early – really early.

The queues to get into the Bird Fair won’t be quite as bad.  If you haven’t attended the Bird Fair then why not give it a go this year?  Put the dates 19-21 August into your diary.  And I may see you there.

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5 Replies to “Fair point”

  1. One of our shooting owners has just bought a village shop. The Village think it is marvelous and what a great man this must be. The shop will be selling all kinds of local produce widening the support for such a man. But as his estate is one which will not allow Hen Harrier or Eagle Owl to breed on it should this man receive such support given that its another 'tax' dodge at our expense. Another reason why I would never go to a game fair.

  2. John yesterday this mythical estate did no vermin control but today has become a raptor free area ! Your are obviously an anti spreading crap or Mark under another name trying to put me off my breakfast !!

  3. "such a man", there really is quite a prejudice out there. Game fairs are not just about shooting, you should definately go the CLA once, they can be similar year on year, but they is lots more to see and do besides shooting activities.

  4. I had lunch with some shooting friends yesterday and overheard three elderly gents discussing how their vegetables were growing - 'not too well' was the general opinion.

    One also mentioned how the "birds were eating everything this year - what are we going to have this Winter? A famine? he said"

    Another mentioned that a nearby nest was full of young birds and that in the 'old days' - these would have their legs tied to the nest until 'plump' and then eaten in a pie!

    Ah! The good old days!


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