A tonic for gin bush

As a kid in the mid 1960s, Sunday mornings would consist of going to church and then coming home to a roast lunch whose delicious smells filled the house while Desert Island Discs, with its originator Roy Plumley, played on the wireless before we sat down to eat.  My father would have on his suit, which always smelled of ‘church’ to me as a small boy and, because it was Sunday my Mum would have a very small sherry (and always say, as she finished the preparation of the meal, that she felt ‘squiffy’) and my father would have a gin and bitter lemon.

So let’s raise a toast today to the juniper bush whose berries provided my Dad with his drink and to Plantlife for its work in saving juniper from extinction in England.


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  1. I’ll join you in a toast to the juniper bush and also to the juniper thrush (Wacholderdrossel as the Germans call it) … the Fieldfare!

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