Going on holiday?

Do you want something amusing and entertaining to take on holiday – then take me?  Or at least take Fighting for Birds.

That Chris Packham knows a bit about wildlife and this is what he says about Fighting for Birds (click here).

I am actually wandering around the north of Britain and so if this post stays here for a while it is because of lack of wi-fi (as well as lack of vegetables) in N Scotland.  Wish I had a good book to read…

NEW: Fighting for Birds now available on Kindle at UK pounds 8.04

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8 Replies to “Going on holiday?”

  1. Hi Mark,think that a very good write up,perhaps the best bit is how you change our views over a period of time,for the better of course.My copy should arrive soon,maybe I have to wait for August 11th.

  2. Mark, You have gone on holiday and your MP has stood down in your absence. Clearly trying to avoid any more of your letters when you get back.

    1. Bob - excellent news. If she had stayed much longer I fear I might have got to like her. As it is, no worries.

  3. You leave nobody looking after the shop and your MP resigns!

    She says family reasons but perhaps awkward constituents played a part?

    Tight by-election in key marginal...will 'the environment' figure?

  4. http://newsthump.com/2012/08/06/mp-louise-mensch-resigns-claiming-best-thing-for-her-family-is-to-leave-uk/


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