Send WWT £10 now! I have.

I’ve mentioned the spoon-billed sandpiper a few times in this blog (eg here and here).  There is a very brave, uncertain and exciting rescue attempt being made to save this bird from extinction by a bunch of organisations: WWT, RSPB, BirdLife International and Birds Russia (with help from loads of other people).

WWT have produced a great DVD of their efforts so far: it’s completely absorbing.  I guarantee that if you are female you will well up and go ‘Awwwhhh’ if you watch this video and that if you are male you will do the same if no-one is watching.  It’s really moving, interesting and lovely.  Buy it!  Buy it now!

Watch Nigel Jarrett’s hand shaking when he measures a SBS egg; see Martin McGill track down nests; see a SBS hatch from its egg – you will never see that in reality; hear about the plight of these beautiful birds; hear them call on their tundra nesting grounds; wonder at the skill and dedication of WWT staff.

I was given the DVD by WWT, probably because they knew it would have this impact on me, but I will send them the price of the DVD, a mere £9.99, because it moved me so much.  You must buy it because you’ll enjoy it and because they need the money to carry on doing such great work.  Buy it now – right now! Please?

And join WWT too.

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1 Reply to “Send WWT £10 now! I have.”

  1. Got the Spoony DVD at the Birdfair. There was a lady from the WWT selling them outside the lecture marquee after the SBS talk they gave. Only a fiver, bargain!

    It is a very good film. They say on the cover that a lot of it wasn’t shot professionally but it is still very good quality. I wish the NGO’s would showcase more of their work like this. As a supporter of a few it is a very good way of seeing where your money is going…..and makes you want to give more!

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