Ralph Underhill cartoon

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6 Replies to “Ralph Underhill cartoon”

  1. Good morning to you all

    Radio 4 Today programme – this morning:-

    John Humphrys to Owen Paterson re the Ash Tree fungal disease - Chalara fraxinea

    “Why didn’t we act immediately to ‘nip this terrible disease in the bud’?

    Humphrys didn’t ask - How soon will it be necessary to cut down healthy ash trees to form a ‘firewall’?

    Or - when will the tipping point be hit and all 80 millions go up in smoke?

    Or – declare the Ash Tree a protected species?

    Or refuse USA’s offer of PCR technology as Labour did in its wild-west shooting and burning of 8 – 10 millions beasts in its Foot & Mouth catastrophe. You’ll all remember that FMD ‘got better’ to allow TB (Blair) to win the election – and then curiously got dramatically worse immediately after the election!

    The continuing Badger TB Plague is solely down to weak politicians, cowardly scientists and selfish ignorant so-called ‘conservationists’ – all of which shouldn’t be allowed to lead, even, a donkey – or – indeed – a band!

    1. Chalara spread? The same reasons that we didnt...and havent taken vigorous action against Phytopthora. DEFRA plant health were nervous about the potential commercial impact on the plant importers and retailers- so they came up with the most lax bio-security possible and insisted that it was all "in confidence". This allowed multiple importations of the disease and the resultant infections to remain "unknown". We only heard about it after the genie was well and truely out the bottle. And it is still possible to import known carrier species.
      Its a straight parallel of the way farmers move diseased livestock all over the place. The continual spread of bTB cant be blamed on badgers jumping into a truck and driving a couple of hundred mile across the country.

    2. "The continuing Badger TB Plague is solely down to"

      Gutless degenerates; who, rather than aknowledge the evidence, and take positive steps, choose to scapegoat wild animals, in search of an excuse to add one more species to abuse for their own deviant amusement.


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