11 Replies to “Do this please – very quick, very easy”

  1. Oh come on Mark, you know nothing life is ever that simple! I’d already signed the petition but when I saw your post I thought “Twitter! The power of social media! Mark must have tweeted about this, I will retweet his tweet and my followers will see and sign the petition – all three of them!” Thought I will just do this quickly on my phone. Went to phone, Twitter app not working. No reception. Went outside to bench where there is sometimes reception. Walked past my car in car park, felt slightly guilty about driving to work (again). The world’s loudest great tit was calling in the trees (giving me a bollocking for my carbon footprint?) and a chaffinch was singing it’s outrageous song from somewhere. Got to bench, reception but still just error from twitter app. Switched phone off, then on, still no joy. A green woodpecker laughed from somewhere – was it laughing at my technological ineptitude, or had it just read David Cameron’s Europe speech? Uninstalled twitter app. A delightful goldcrest appeared and was feeding in the branches of the pine tree right above my head. I hope we can keep our pines disease free somehow, started thinking about letters to MP as yet unwritten… still. Jackdaws called and a mistle thrush bounced overhead churring gently but slightly menacingly. Thought – I must learn to use Birdtrack. A carrion crow was cawing loudly – for a minute I thought it might have been a raven, but no – I’d heard a raven honking yesterday and that was quite different. A train went past in the distance and then there was a bang – a bird scarer, or a bird of prey being illegally killed? Not the latter I hope. Another very smart great tit and lots of blue tits around and they are lovely, there are still lots despite the spectacular efforts of our local sparrowhawk earlier this week. Eventually reinstalled twitter, retweeted tweet and walked back to my desk. Will have to stay late at work now, but I it was worth it!

  2. Twitter is the normal name given by the majority of folk who can not identify bird calls. Like Seagull it covers them all and sadly majority do not care.

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