Day 3 – extra blog

I was writing that last blog just before going out for a quick bite to eat and something to drink.

I sat in Henderson’s On Deck Riverside Bar overlooking the Ohio River.  I watched the sun set behind the trees on the other side of the river while sitting outside eating tacos and drinking coke. Well, actually it wasn’t Coca Cola, but nor was it Pepsi; it was RC (Royal Crown cola).

My waitress, Kaitlin wants to be a world history teacher and will be in London fairly soon – but don’t worry (anyone), we did not exchange cell-phone numbers and nor did we talk about passenger pigeons.

Sitting outside, drinking a cool drink and watching the sunset was good.  I was planning tomorrow’s travelling and flicking through Sibley to check bird id.

I find it difficult to get American bird songs into my head.  Maybe I should stick to evening birding as sitting there I was listening to the characteristic noises of chimney swifts and I picked out the cries of nighthawks too.  There were house sparrows chirrupping as well. And the other night-time songster that I associate with jet-lag, because that’s why I’ve heard it at night, is the mockingbird.    These four species can be heard in the middle of Washington DC as well as on the banks of the Ohio and many, many points in between, north, south, east and west.

The other thing I could hear was music of my vintage coming from the bar – The Eagles and Bob Seger (I have cds of both with me).  I’ll have to tell you about music playing in the car, upgrades, sat navs, fuel consumption etc etc as time goes on. Don’t get too excited!

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2 Replies to “Day 3 – extra blog”

  1. Sounds like you’re having a great time (watch your cheese consumption Mark), I was wondering since you’re chatting to the waitresses wether or not you’ve asked them one slightly important question, wether or not if some of the ingredients in your food are GM or non-GM?
    Don’t play CD’s in cars they always get scratched to buggery.

  2. Favourites in my car at the moment are Electric by Richard Thompson, Live at Beacon Theatre by Joe Bonamassa (as a result I must buy some Beth Hart), a couple of albums by Peter Green’s Splinter Group, the last two Buddy Guy albums plus a Bob Dylan compilation. Next week who knows it might be Dick Gaughan, Jo Satriani ot Jethro Tull.

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